Founded in 1991, Salvazione is an outreach school in Mayfair West, Johannesburg, offering cost-effective, quality education to the children from Slovo Park informal settlement and surrounding areas such as Brixton, Crosby, Langlaagte, Soweto and Roodepoort.

Early lessons took place in the Mayfair Baptist church hall until funds could be raised for a new building. Thanks to the generosity of corporate donors and many private individuals, a church building was bought in the latter part of 2008, and converted to house the school. The location of the building is ideal for the school as it is still within walking distance of the children’s homes in the Slovo Park Informal Settlement, and directly opposite a large municipal park with well-maintained facilities.

Today, the school is a registered independent school that receives a small state subsidy, and school fees are collected from those families able to afford them. The learners pay R100 per month for school fees and learners who cannot afford the fees are able to apply for fee exemption. A very successful “Adopt A Learner” programme supports the large number of children who, through dire financial and personal circumstances, are not able to pay any school fees.