Kids Haven opened in 1992 to serve children who are homeless or in crisis in the Ekurhuleni region, east of Johannesburg. Kids Haven was founded as a response to the increasing numbers of children living on the streets of Benoni, following the violent deaths of two of these vulnerable children.

Kids Haven is focused on protecting children on the street and others in need in Ekurhuleni, and giving them a future by providing guidance, therapy, training and support through pre-care, in-care and after-care programmes.

Pre-care activities are undertaken to prevent the disintegration of families and to strengthen communities to support each other. In-care activities include a range of residential developmental intervention programmes benefiting hundreds of children and young people, addressing their physical, emotional, psychological, educational and spiritual needs. After-care activities complete the holistic support provided to children and families after they are reunited, to strengthen these family units while linking them with community structures.

The overarching vision of Kids Haven is to reintegrate children into their communities so that they may take their rightful place in society – with support for their families too.